“Ingalls Family Travels”


Beth Elaine Ingalls, relative of author of Little House on the Prairie gave a presentation on Saturday, September 24th at First Presbyterian Church, 1225 Fourth Street Road, Fond du Lac.

Over 100 people attending this wonderful presentation of the life and travels of the Ingalls family.   Ms. Ingalls told stories about the family which have been passed down to her about her Grampa and his siblings. Since, one of her favorite groups are children, Ms. Ingalls called all the children in attendance to sit on the floor close to the podium in order that they could take an active role in the presentation.  The children were able to touch the artifacts which Ms. Ingalls brought to the presentation. It is evident that Ms. Ingalls  is proud to be an Ingalls and finds great joy and gratification in speaking to people about Laura, the amazing little sister, daughter, many of us grew to love during the years of watching Little House on the Prairie.